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"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water"

Rabindranath Tagore



Christine is a Licensed Professional Counselor. This means she completed an undergraduate program, a graduate program in counseling, and a 3000 hour internship under the supervision of Mary Dainty, a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. She graduated from Southwestern Adventist University in 2010 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis in School Guidance.  In 2017, She obtained her Master of Arts degree in Counseling and Development from Dallas Baptist University. In her free time, you can find Christine reading, dancing, napping, or watching her favorite TV shows. 


She specializes in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. Christine takes great pride in the progress and success of her clients, and looks forward to helping you. Get in touch to learn more.


Her Experience

Because of her various experience, Christine brings a unique and eclectic approach to therapy. Christine began her career in the classroom. She taught 1st-11th grade over the course of 6 years. Towards the end of her time in the field of education, Christine began working on her graduate degree. While in graduate school, she began counseling individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, stress management, and issues in relationships. Eventually, Christine went on to work in a partial hospitalization setting where she assisted clients presenting with anger outbursts, suicidal ideation, maladaptive behaviors, and unprocessed trauma. Currently, Christine works full time at a child advocacy center treating sexual abuse, physical abuse, and traumatic grief, 

The knowledge and expertise gained throughout her experience are directly applied to her work as a counselor. Christine makes it a point to individualize treatment for each client because she understands that no two people walk the same journey. 

Thought-Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

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Navigating in Woods


Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. Sometimes the relationships in our lives become strained because of our communication style or reactions. Together, you both can get to the root of the issue to improve the connections in your life.

Yoga by the Ocean

Life Hacks

Life can be difficult to navigate if we are not given the essential tools and skills. Christine's job is to provide you with the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. This is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life.  With time, patience, and hard work, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule a session.

Fist Pound

Peace and Calm

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? Do you find yourself in a constant state of worry and panic because of all of your responsibilities? Through mindfulness and self-care, let's bring peace and calm back into your life.

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be” - William Shakespeare

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