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Image by Deniz Altindas

Her Inspiration

Our intentions and life experiences create impressions on our consciousness. These impressions, or patterns, are similar to scars on the skin, or grooves on a record. These scars and grooves make up our samskaras (sum-SCAR-uh).  Samskaras can be positive or negative, much like our life experiences. We do not possess control over the way these impressions are developed. The indicator of a negative samskara is emotional distress.


Have you ever experienced emotional discomfort, but you couldn't pinpoint the cause? More than likely, a pattern was formed early in your life. A life experience conditioned your body and brain to interpret and react to specific external stimuli in a specific way. This may include maladaptive behaviors and feelings of discomfort. Because these impressions have been integrated into our consciousness, awareness is absent and we go through life carrying an unnecessary burden.


At Samskara Counseling, Christine will assist clients with identifying these patterns and impressions, their roots from which they grow, and ways to challenge and overcome them. Using evidence-based practices, Christine educates and empowers her clients to live their lives fully, and with intention. 

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